Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer, the very Son of God himself came to this earth to do one thing: SERVE.

He served his life as a sin offering for us, something we could never repay. Show others the Jesus inside you by serving in one of our ministry areas. No matter what skills, talents, or abilities you possess, Grace needs you on our Volunteer Team!

Here are some areas in the church you can volunteer in!

If you have additional questions or would like to get started, simply fill out the form here and someone from the church will contact you.

  • Grace Groups

    Passion for discipleship? Lead, teach or host a Grace Group at the church or your home on Wednesday evening or during Sunday School.

  • Grace Kids

    You’ve got guts. Invest into future generations of Grace!

  • Media

    Smarter than most of us? Put it to work with Ethan and the Media team!

  • Security

    Want to help keep things in order? Join our security team!

  • Upper Room

    College kids. Not quite youth but not quite adults, right? Help Justin with our passionate college students as they search the Scriptures for God’s truth each week!

  • Youth

    Possibly the most frustratingly difficult and wonderfully impressionable demographic. Invest into the lives of our next generation of leaders each Wednesday evening.

  • Other

    Tell us where you can be used that we aren’t thinking of yet! We need your passion and humility on our team!