The mission of Grace Christian Fellowship Student Ministries:
Reach the Lost. Disciple the Found.

Our heart is to establish the foundational necessities for growth in the lives of our students, partnering with their parents to ensure that we are able to reach the students where they are, in the ways they need. Our hope is that each student will develop a deeper relationship with Christ, grow in their knowledge of Biblical truth, and gain confidence in their ability to live out their faith.

Wednesdays 6:30-8pm

Location: Upper Room

What is the “180 Youth?”

180 Youth is located on the second floor of our church. The vision for Upper Room Ministries was birthed from a desire for our students to model the faith of the Apostles and believers that expectantly awaited the promised Holy Spirit in Acts chapter 2. This desire is demonstrated in the way that we faithfully and reverently gather together to glorify Christ in worship, prayer, and the diligent study of God’s word.

What to Expect

You can expect that the atmosphere will always be warm, welcoming, and worshipful. Our worship services are blended, incorporating traditional hymns as well as contemporary worship songs. We generally spend between 25-40 minutes in corporate worship and prayer each Wednesday night. After our song service we split into our respective classes in order to engage in the study of God’s word. We hope that through our services we are able to build and strengthen spiritual foundations, grow in fellowship with other believers, and most importantly to glorify Christ.

Youth Ministry
(7th Grade-12th Grade)

The foundation of our student ministries at Grace Christian Fellowship is the gospel. In everything that we teach, in every event that we do, and in every way that we serve, our emphasis is on the gospel. At 180 Youth, we strive to facilitate an environment where every student has an opportunity to connect their heart to Jesus. We want each student to feel cared for by leaders and we believe that in accomplishing this, they will grow in community with their peers. Middle school and high school students will find that they can comfortably and confidently seek the truths of God’s word and learn how to utilize these truths in ministering to a lost world. We want to see the lives of today’s youth radically changed for Christ so that they may effectively share His love throughout our city, state, nation, and world.